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Yes! Our community of signal creators publish their strategies so members can subscribe for instant and automated trade execution on partner trading platforms.

For Strategy Creators

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Share Your Success

  • Give strategies away FREE — or charge big bucks for your genius.
  • Publish strategies at a click of a button to our marketplace.
  • Indicators you use are hidden so only performance results are visible.

Build Your Reputation

  • Your followers receive automatic notifications when your strategies produce signals.

Sell Your Strategies

  • Charge as much or as little as you like per month for your strategies and get started building a trading empire.

For Signal Subscribers

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Receive Trade Signals

  • Trade automatically or manually with fully backtested signals built by our community. We’ll show you how.
  • Drastically reduce risk by observing historical performance.

Copy The Experts

  • Save time and reduce your learning curve.
  • Subscribe to strategy signals built by experts and trade with them like they’re your own.

Track Performance

  • All strategies are fully backtested against historical data with transparent performance metrics.

Strategy Library

Built by our community for our community

Transparent Performance

Full metrics revealing the profitability of any strategy

Strategy Builder

Build and optimise your own trading strategies with ease


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Performance Graphs

Monitor community and market trends

Public Strategy Library

Browse through dozens of strategies shared by the community and subscribe to the ones you like.

Backtest Performance Results

Run comprehensive historical data backtests to see how well each strategy performed including win-rate, expected gains, and expected return on investment per trade.

Strategy Builder

Use the strategy builder FREE to discover a combination of indicators and parameters that perform best with different crypto pairs.

  • Visual drag-and-drop interface — no programming-skills needed at all.
  • Versatile multi-layer strategy builder — add as many indicators and parameters as you can think of!

Signal Subscriptions

Subscribe to free or premium signals, sent to trading platforms of your choice for execution and position management.

Performance Graphs

Instant access to performance graphs revealing how well community strategies perform over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. The promise of easy profits has attracted many bad actors. Bot trading is fraught with pump-and-dump fraudsters who 'trade for you' to 'double your money in 7 days'. The trouble is that you never really know ahead of time how successful one signal provider is compared to another. Sparkster is working to change all that. Subscribe to strategies based on how well they perform with evidence-based transparent performance metrics.

If you're on a winning streak in the crypto markets this year, iron out the kinks of your strategy and build your own signal bot for automation. If you've been on a losing streak, apply best practice trading strategy to build, verify, optimise, and execute a winning approach without the risks of human error that come from manual trading, or inferior signal bots.

We are integrating with leading trading platforms, including Telegram trading tools like Cornix.io or other execution platforms and algo bot trading tools. You'll soon find a list of current partners inside your members area.

The problems of manual trading are obvious: the time it takes to analyse the markets, missing trade opportunities or exit points, and removing emotion from timing your trade entry/exit.

Advanced computer programmers get paid a king's ransom by finance institutions to optimise proprietary High Frequency Trading algorithms. They know how to gradually extract value from the unsuspecting market of manual traders who get caught in price swings.

This struggle gives you real-world experience to make best use of the emerging field of algo trading. Now accessible outside of the big financial institutions with Sparkster. Register FREE for full access to the strategy backtester.

Normal traders can now harness the power of comprehensive algo trading inside the Sparkster Trading Community.

  • Stop missing out on trade opportunities.
  • Stop relying on eye-balling dozens of charts with too many indicators to interpret.